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Expert Canadian immigration Consulting  firm in Edmonton providing streamlined immigration process

Streamlined Immigration Process

We can simplify and speed up the immigration process for you by providing all the necessary information, guiding you through the documentation, and handling all correspondence to ensure you meet all the requirements.

“Palms Immigration is a great company, and their services are top-notch. I am very impressed with the journey that I took with them so far, as it has gotten me to where I am today. I am now in Canada – a Postgraduate student, and Palms Immigration handled all the tasks – from school search to study permit and to in-Canada settlement. They are transparent, prompt, professional and reliable. And yes, I will recommend them to anyone wanting to immigrate to Canada.”

Dora O. A.

Expert Advice and Support

We render expert advice and support for those looking to study or immigrate to Canada. With years of experience in the industry and a team of knowledgeable and friendly consultants, we can offer tailored advice and support that is specific to your needs.

Our Immigration Firm in Edmonton renders expert advice and support for those looking to study or immigrate to Canada

“This company is amazing! Keep doing great! I came across Palms Immigration through the recommendation of a family friend – my parents were looking for a reliable and trustworthy Immigration Consultant to work with when they decided I would be doing my undergraduate schooling in Canada. With their assistance, I got my admission and study permit and resumed school promptly. What is striking about the company is the Great Customer Service, promptness of attention to customers’ needs and relationship building attitude.”

-Chidera J. O, University of Winnipeg, MB

Personalized Service

We provide personalized service for each client’s unique needs. Whether you want to study, immigrate, or visit Canada temporarily, we can provide tailored services that suit your special circumstances. We take pride in delivering high-level services to all our clients by paying close attention to detail.


-Benedict Odey

Personalized Canadian immigration services with Palms Immigration and Consulting Inc. Inc.

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