We are a Canadian Immigration and Education consulting firm with a mission to help individuals achieve their Canadian immigration goals. Our team of Immigration Consultants is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada, and Lagos, Nigeria.

As a full-service immigration firm, we cater to the educational needs of our clients, providing career coaching, school search/ liaison, and student support. We also assist with the temporary and permanent immigration visa needs of students, skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, and others seeking to immigrate to Canada.

We are authorized by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to give advice or represent our clients. With our wealth of experience in the many possible routes that Canada and its provinces offer for immigration, we can explore and navigate to the one that best fits your case.

We treat every case as our own and promise to go the extra mile to assist you in your quest to immigrate to Canada. Contact us today, and let us help you achieve your Canadian immigration dreams.

Yemisi Adekunle - Immigration expert and founder of Palms Immigration and Consulting Inc.

Personal Bio

Our founder Yemisi Adekunle is a driven entrepreneur and immigration expert with a proven track record of assisting qualified individuals to immigrate to Canada via the Permanent routes or the Temporary-Permanent routes. She leads her professional team with an unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and empathy.

Yemisi’s career started in the Technical customer service industry, where her exceptional relationship management skills (amongst others) made her an asset to project teams in resolving complex issues with customers. Her talent and hard work elevated her to leadership of Service Desk Team, where she was responsible for incident management and conducting service reviews with customers and internal units.

She later took her expertise to ipNX (ip Networks) as the Customer Care Manager; overseeing the telecommunications networks of an array of customers that involved almost 95 percent of the country’s banks, financial institutions, and their overseas technical partners. Yemi was reputably known as the Customer’s Advocate and she led various ITIL-based Customer Care Initiatives and programs.

Moving on she as a Deputy General manager with Chams Plc; she managed Technical Operations and oversaw delivery operations of National and State projects e.g. National Identity Management programs across different States and cities in Nigeria. However, her passion for knowledge, discovery and adventurism brought her to Canada where she made her mark in Occupational health and safety before veering into Immigration.

Turning point

After her first son was accepted to study in Canada, Yemisi developed a keen interest in exploring the opportunities and advantages in the Canadian immigration process with a view to assisting friends and family interested in studying and immigrating to Canada. Her success stories led her to become a licensed Immigration consultant and establish Palms Immigration and Consulting Inc. in 2020.

Today, Yemisi and her team provide personalized assistance to individuals seeking temporary and permanent visas to Canada. Their wealth of experience in the many possible routes to Canadian immigration ensures that each client has the highest chance of success on their application.

Our Team

Yemisi Adekunle - Registered Immigration Consultant of Canada

Yemisi Adekunle, Registered Immigration Consultant of Canada (RCIC)

Highly dedicated and an enthusiastic professional, Yemisi brings in a wealth of experience of clients’ relationship management having been in technical support management for over two decades of her career life. Yemisi is recognized for her thorough and objective handling of issues which she delivers on a platform of empathy.

An ardent believer in procedural fairness, Yemisi shares in the optimism and belief that Canada offers excellent opportunities to those willing and qualified to become part of its community.

An adventurous trailblazer, Yemisi left the landscape of engineering and Occupational health and safety to take advantage of the opportunities in Canada immigration. Yemisi is a licensed Immigration Consultant in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Olusayo Adekunle

Olusayo trained as a Mechanical engineer - a seasoned and versatile professional with focus on quality and customer satisfaction. He brings to the team a unique blend of quality assurance, proactive risk management and matured leadership to obtain results.

His over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, cut across engineering design, project management, quality assurance, auditing and risk management.

Olusayo, a Project Management Professional (PMP), is also passionate about helping families become financially independent and build a secure future for themselves through financial education and planning. He is the Operations Director and looks after Quality & Compliance.

Olusayo Adekunle - Operations Director at Palms Immigration and Consulting Inc.

Abike Wesey - Director of Operations in Nigeria

Abike Wesey

Abike is currently Head of Human Capital Management for Heritage Bank. Prior to this, she was Chief Human Capital Officer for InterSwitch Limited. She was also General Manager, Human Resources and Administration for Crusader Group (now Custodian & Allied Insurance). Before joining Crusader, she was General Manager, Human Capital and Administration for Nigeria Aviation Handling Company, where she championed various change management initiatives.

She is a Chartered member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (Chartered CIPD) UK and Chartered Human Resource Management (CPHR) Canada and Member Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (Nigeria).

Abike is the Director of Operations in Nigeria.

Our mission is to provide exceptional and personalized services that help our clients immigrate to Canada. Our goal is to go above and beyond to ensure fair and timely processing of applications and to provide guidance throughout the immigration journey. We strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients and their families by offering a reliable and trustworthy service that helps them achieve their immigration dream.

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